Today, every time you turn a corner there is a new tool, widget or social media to keep artists in touch with their fanbase. From Twitter to Facebook. But what about tools to have a fanbase in the first place? Nobody likes to talk about the hard work, money & dedication it takes .

Now, why would somebody care enough to become your fan, "follow" you on Twitter, "like" your Facebook page and buy your music ? The truth and simple answer is: Because you are OUTSTANDING !

In today's busy & noisy music marketplace, being "GOOD" as an artist is not enough. If you are a GOOD artist , you will get bad results and if you are a "BAD" artist you will get NO results. So, in order for you as an artist to get "GOOD" results in today's marketplace, you have to be OUTSTANDING.

Well than, how hard is it to be OUTSTANDING? It's really is not that hard at all. You just need to be ahead by a little bit. Just like in a horse race, 100 meter sprint, or car race, where the winner only wins by a little bit. It's usually by a second, a tenth of a second in many cases. You just need a little bit of a competitive advantage.

Today, as the leader of The Sin Circle Brand, I established "Scream School" to give you that edge, to give you a competitive advantage so you can be OUTSTANDING, and build your fanbase & following and become a successful artist and realize you dreams and burning desire of becoming a famous ROCKSTAR.

"Do It Yourself" (DIY) if I can do it, so can you.


"Dreaming of Screaming"

Because of the avalanche of mis-information and sometimes bad information on Youtube and elsewhere on the subject of "How To Scream," I felt compelled to create a true and complete instuctional course for you.
 “Dreaming of Screaming” is a series of 3 DVD downloads, created by myself to teach you how to scream sing really rapidly but still effectively and completely covering all the fundamental basics, within a budget that you can afford. It is a very comprehensive course that is going to answer all the questions and concerns you have and bring an end to all your frustrations.
This complete course is starting at the very beginning for those who know nothing. All the way through to those who think they know it all and are “rocking” on stage already. So if you are a novice beginner or an "Austin Carlile", this course is for you.
<= Click on the image on the left and see a description of what's inside the course, and what you'll get access to. There are 3 volumes altogether, a Beginner, Intermediate and an Advanced level. Each volume covering a different aspect of screaming. 
All the fundamental techniques I use, some of which I developed myself.


"How to write a screamo song"

people in our genre are starting bands or want to do what I do. These people ask me for advice almost every day. The first thing I say is ”The foundation to propel any career as an artist, is the ability to write good CATCHY songs"
A 3 DVD download comprehensive course. It is going to take all the mystery out of writing a catchy song for you. I boiled down, into easy to follow step by step video instruction of about a hour and a half in total.

Broken down into 3 EPISODES, it’s easy and fast. No extra ballast, just straight up instruction but still effectively and completely covering all the fundamental rules and laws.

<= Click to the image to the left


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