Who we are is simple. We're the rebellion

We're the disruptors of the status quo, the underdogs with nothing to lose and everything to prove. TSCR is the independent empire of music, a various-genre music company that takes zero financial backing from major music industry establishments and zero co-signs from major music artists. Everything we do, we do toiling in our own blood, sweat, and tears. We operate only on what we make from the music loving individuals that we call "Rockstar Rebels."

TSCR, stands for The Sin Circle Records. "S.I.N." are the first three letters of my last name and the label started with my circle of music oriented friends. We grew to welcome other artists that we personally believe in, giving them a platform to excel at their craft, without having to go through the grinder that is the music industry. The industry fools artists into thinking that they need "their" permission to get anywhere in music. After I built my own fan base, I realized how untrue this notion really was. I wanted to share this knowledge with greats artists that would otherwise be unheard of by the masses. 

I created this record label to cut the cables of the so-called industry gatekeepers, the people that insert themselves between the artist and their success in the music industry. I'm not a gatekeeper myself, I am the force that strolls up to the gates, with my wire-cutters in hand. 

Who we are is simple. We're the rebellion. 

-Young Rockstar (Founder)

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